Scratch Day Game Jam Goal:

...To be inspired to create a short, simple game or story in small groups within Scratch projects of their own design.


The day of the jam (TODAY!) the theme will be announced. It will be open-ended and ambiguous enough to allow for interpretation and creative expression, but visuals, audio, adjectives, and other initial idea builders will be provided to jump start ideas and get people moving on a direction without feeling overwhelmed by possibilities.

Format of the day:

Scratch Tutorials (How to use Scratch to tell a story or make a game)
Creativity Icebreakers (Fast paced free association exercises)
Introduce the Game Jam Theme (Aha! Oh no! Wow! and Shapes)
Brainstorming (Time to think about the theme and come up with ideas)
Play Testing Ideas (Talk out, try out, and present rough ideas)
Jam (Facilitated game design and story time)
Share (Scratch is all about sharing)

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