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Scan your artwork cremeglace Beautiful Scratch project that tells a story with hand drawn doodles
Record your voice Lasse Gjertsen Demonstration of how technology can make music possible in unexpected ways.
Clay shapes into a story DustoMcNeato Simple, sweet claymation about shapes making a house and car for a mouse
Shapes as people Timmerfy Simple shapes animated into two characters morphing
Just shapes haja0815 Kaleidoscopic shapes twirling - simple and abstract.
Just shapes becoming something more marcusscalius Simple circles, smushed and dropped, from and to black and white.
Shapetelling nicolasmuruadahmen A story of shapes about oil.
Shapes like Quilt Patches drivetothesea Another shapetelling story about the environment.
Shapes and movement RussellRope
Shapes in motion and music Varalbastra Miro's art set in motion to classical music.
Art becoming a story of life lepivot Adventure in graphic design as a medium for storytelling.
Who said shapes had to be simple? prumba Shapes coming to life in spindly robots.
From art to games xavierenigma Art on shapes remixed into a game like Jay's Blocks
Story of a Shape JDKicks666 Adaptation of a Shel Silverstein story of a shape looking for its missing piece
Story of a Triangle TotoroSpirit Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece Meets the Big O
Atari's Pac Man JimboGames The original game and the original sound, only louder. And in scratch.
Tetris Spectre255 Another familiar game using shapes as sprites. And in scratch.
Shape Games and Special Effects dragOnmind Grid Wars, one of many new games all about fast action packs explosions of shapes.
Magic Pens and Physics itsjustanaccount Crayon drawing come to life in a game about physics.
More Magic Pen r0kak0ma Crayon drawing come to life in a game about physics.
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