ED Tech Interactive, a hands-on showcase of educational technology and games

LearnPlay Presents:

Ed-Tech Interactive

Dec. 8, 2006

Private Dining Room, GDH 70

What is Ed-Tech Interactive?
What can I do at Ed-Tech Interactive? What (and when) will presents will be given?
What is the goal of Ed-Tech Interactive?
What games will be featured?
What can I do at Ed-Tech Interactive?

What is Ed-Tech Interactive?
Ed-Tech Interactive is a showcase of educational games being researched and considered for supporting learning . As a hand-on event, 20 game booths will allow for you to try for yourself, while 15 educational technology experts have volunteered to help people play the games, and to discuss how games have and can be used to invigorate and support classroom teaching.
The showcase is open to all and will provide an opportunity for attendees to play, learn, and interact with educational games.  

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What can I do at Ed-Tech Interactive?

First and foremost, you can play games! Of course you don’t have to, but there will be helpful, experienced staff on hand to introduce you to the games and help you get your hands-on the controls. In addition, the showcase will include brief presentations of educational game research as well-as presenter-led demonstrations and tutorials.

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What presentations will there be?
From 2pm to 5pm there will be opportunity for anyone to come in and play games. At the following designated times the following presentations will be given:

2:00 Introductions: Featured games will be introduced and made available for play
2:20 Conflict Resolution Games & Games Use in Classrooms: Keynote presentation by NYU's Jim Diamond featuring a discussion of PeaceMaker
2:40 Games for Classroom Use: All featured games and their use in classrooms will be discussed
3:00 Play-Time Continues:
3:30 Educational PodCasting: Learn how teachers can use podcasts and how students can create podcasting projects and "podcast portfolios."
3:45 Future of Educational Technology: Find out about the 3-D world, Second-Life, and other emerging educational technologies
4:00 Play-Time Continues:
4:45 Final Q & A: Experts will be available for Q & A

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What is the goal of Ed-Tech Interactive?
Ed-Tech Interactive has several goals:

  1. The primary goal is to introduce educational gaming to a broader audience. The showcase will feature numerous booths for attendees to play, learn, and interact with educational games. By creating this venue of exploration, Ed-Tech Interactive hopes to open the door of educational gaming for the convinced, the skeptical, and the curious!

  2. The second goal is to generate partnerships between content specialists and game developers. The interdisciplinary nature of educational games necessitates careful collaboration among experts. Fortunately, Teachers College is a rich community of professionals with a wide range of expertise. Ed-Tech Interactive is a chance to forge partnerships capable of developing learning environments for the 21st Century. 

  3. The final goal is to generate dialogue. What are the strengths and weaknesses of educational games? What is the future? To answer these questions, it helps to discuss specific examples. Faculty and students from all aspects of teacher education will enjoy discussing the current state of educational gaming.

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What kind of games will be featured?
All of the games at Ed-Tech Interactive have two things in common: they are electronic and EXPLICITLY educational. Beyond that, the games address all types of learning styles, ages, and subject areas. More specifically, the games at this year’s Ed-Tech Interactive will cover topics including Second Language Acquisition, Conflict Resolution, Global Warming, Mental Math Fluency, Music Appreciation, Scientific Inquiry, and more. These games are designed for all kinds of audiences from elementary-aged students to students in higher-education settings.

More specifically, most of LearnPlay's game library will be available as well as the following:

  • CO2FX: Global Warming Simulation
  • Lemonade Stand: Classic entrepreneurship simulation
  • Grow Cube: Simple all-ages problem solving puzzle
  • Scratch: Easy tool for learning multimedia production
  • Facade: Artificially Intelligent One Act Play

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Friday, December 8th 2-5pm
in the Private Dining Room (at Teachers College, basement of Grace Dodge Hall on 120th between Amst. & Brdwy)

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